TalkTalk and “Glubz” (updated)

For reasons that are too contorted or convoluted to fully explain, I’ve been keeping an eye on a number of Twitter accounts that I suspect include those arrested for the TalkTalk breach. But Brian Krebs dug deeper, and gives a master class on identifying “Glubz” (@Fearful).

[material deleted, Jan. 4, 2018]

Update: As TalkTalk continues to revise its estimates of the number affected – now claiming that 156,959 were impacted – the Daily Mail reports that this was not an attack by criminal masterminds and was just some kids having a laugh. If so, then it’s unfortunate if their lives should be ruined by this. But it also raises even more questions about how seriously TalkTalk took data protection if a bunch of kids with no sophisticated skills could do this.

Update January 4, 2018:  This post originally contained a quote from a report by Brian Krebs that linked to images and personal information on an identified minor. While removing the material from this post doesn’t really do much in the grand scheme of things as a search for his nick or handle will lead to his real identity within a minute or so,  linking to dox that may reveal his family’s information or location is not something this site wants to be doing.

So at Glubz’s request, I’ve removed the material. For now. If I find out he isn’t keeping his nose clean and trying to go straight, I’ll consider re-posting all of the original material.


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