Tasmania Police Site + 8 Others Attacked for #OpAustralia by Anonymous

Tonight was a very quite night, being very relaxing until about 30minutes ago when a user entered the #OpAustralia IRC channel on anonops.com and started taking down Australian based websites. As well as this the operation has taken sight to Tasmainian police https://www.police.tas.gov.au/ tonite with all "fire power" going towards them which has resulted in the website being offline for the past hour or so. oops-google-chrome-could-not-connect-to-www-police-tas_-gov_-au_ The user that took down the other sites started out the attack by showing everyone that the sites was up and active and then within a few minutes all 9 sites had been taken offline for a very short period of time before the user left the irc. List of other sites that were attacked, see below for images from screen caps. https://www.durachrome.com.au/ https://www.muswellbrook.nsw.gov.au/ https://www.pyrosteel.com.au/ https://www.leeclarke.com.au/ https://www.act.gov.au/ https://www.canberraconnect.act.gov.au/ https://ccprod.stg.hyro.net.au/ https://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/ Also it has come to our attention that main media and Australian government has made claims that some websites, mainly the dsd website was not attacked. We covered this story right here. Gallery of attacks so far. At time of publishing Tasmania police website was still offline.

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