Tax mix-up riles woman

Michelle Ruby reports from Canada:

Darlene Clifford is concerned about her financial privacy after she received someone else’s RRSP tax receipt.

The Brantford woman received her tax receipt, issued by Scotia Trust, in the mail last week. The top section of the three-part form contained her correct personal information.

The middle and lower parts of the form, however, are printed with information that was supposed to be issued to a man in Newfoundland.

Included in the information are the man’s name, address, plan number, social insurance number and the amount he contributed to his RRSP.


Joe Konecny, a spokesman for Scotiabank, said a printing error caused a “small number’ of customers to receive the tax information of other customers. He said he didn’t know precisely how many people were affected.

“We issue tens of thousands of tax receipts every year,” said Konecny. “This (error) affects just a fraction of 1% of them. We have many safeguards and security measures built into the system but, unfortunately, we were hampered by a processing error.”

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