Team Berserk Leak Documents From FBI Fusion Center

header Earlier today hackers from TeamBerserk announced a leaked of document data from a FBI Fusion Center. The announcement has been made from the official team berserk twitter account @BerserkTeam and they have claimed the documents come from a FBI intelligence fusion center and only contain unclassified documents for official use only which appear to not be on the internet. TeamBerserk posted a link to pastebin that contains a short story of them sailing the seas which has resulted in this data being leaked. It also has two different statements, ones for "anons or anonymous" and the other to the public.

None of these documents are available on the web FBI, Information will no longer be hidden from Anonymous. We will not allow you to use Terrorism as an excuse to fuck over Anonymous. We will not allow you to protect the banksters. We do not stand for an American future that will be like the country of India. You should have expected us. Public, There are real threats out there against all Americans and the United States. Most of the threats are bullshit, but we felt that many of you needed to see a selection of these documents to demonstrate that there are in fact real dangers. Americans are under attack on a daily basis by all kinds of dangerous people, dangerous foreigners and even some of our own citizens. People are sent over from other countries as spies to gather information on LEOs, FLEOs, Officials, etc, and there are real sleeper cells within our own government. If you see anything suspicious always report it so that it can be investigated; be a rational person, keep your eyes open. There are in fact some corrupted individuals with corrupted policies within our government, and we are aware of these people, but do not worry about this because they will be rooted out. It’s a constant war between Criminals and Law Enforcement. We Berserk are against any Human Trafficking, Gang Activity and Illegal Drugs because these kinds of things make our communities bad places for everyone. The security of our Nation needs to be inspected and made better without hurting the rights of Americans. We can’t show you the scarier things, but these other documents are being circulated among Anonymous. If Anonymous agrees to release those they will be released to the public. Sovereigns, Something in there for you as well.

The leaked data was posted to anonfiles as a 54mb compressed file that when uncompressed contains about 20 folders and 45 files that appear to be for recent big events in america such as Boston bombing and terrorism as well as smaller stuff like driving and drug enforcement and more. (see gallery below for full details) The classified folders are empty and when asked TeamBerserk about these documents they have stated they can not say anything further as it many harm people. The hackers have also been posting tweets to the FBI Press Officie letting them know they have been hacked. Just before publishing it also appears now the hackers are taking sights to different targets > Dear #Los #Zetas #Cartel, you’re all fucked. We’re pleased to announce that you are our new toy. We’re going to enjoy every moment. #Berserk — – Team Berserk – (@BerserkTeam) January 17, 2014

Only time will tell what is going to happen from here but in the past the Cartels if been a very non public area for hackers to venture.

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