Team poison hacks and defaces gumtrees blog blog hacked

With the cyber war going on, Its finally hit aussie shores again! team poison was taking down apparent LulzSec sites and now is doing there own work it seems. Today at about midday Sydney Australia time, blog was hacked and defaced by team poison with the typical dark bg, green text, and images from around the world… on the twitter account of team poison they posted "gumtree was founded by british bankers who sold the company to the Zionist giant EBAY who supports the illegal occupation of Palestine." shortly after the orginal post of official gumtree Australia blog/forum hacked – – End the illegal occupation of Palestine - When i checked the site just now, over 2hrs after it is still defaced? why is this so? Seem the cyber IS full at steam ahead, be LulzSec or Anonymous or others each and every day a site si hacked, defaced, or worst in this war… My personal thoughts on this as a Australian… i dont really care! sucks 🙂 Regards lee.

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