Team Swastika group hacks 10,000 global Facebook account details – or did they?

Phil Muncaster reports:

Security experts are warning web users to ensure they use strong passwords and vary their credentials from site to site after a new hacking group published log-in details of what it claimed to be more than 10,000 Facebook users.

Trend Micro’s director of security research, Rik Ferguson, explained in a blog post that the “Team Swastika” group published the details to Pastebin “without context and with no indication of the means by which they were stolen”.

But was it really a Facebook hack? Facebook says “no:”

“This does not represent a hack of Facebook or anyone’s Facebook profiles,” said a spokesperson.

“Our security experts have reviewed this data and found it to be a set of e-mail and password combinations that are not associated with any live Facebook accounts.”

Curiouser and curiouser.


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