@TeamGhostShell Returns with Leak the entire summer

If you remember @TeamGhostShell from pre 2013, then you are in for a surprise, almost exactly 2 years and 6 months away they have returned with a rampage of leaked data from all sorts of websites. On the 29th June 2015 came a tweet that was much unexpected and from there on has been a near constant flow of leaks being posted over the past few days. After making contact with TeamGhostShell, they had explained to me that not all data is going to be leaked from targeted sites and as an example of this got shown an exclusive set of data from an Australian cloud provider (redacted for now) which contains 1,500+ full banking information such as full names, home addresses, mobile contact numbers, contract dates and probably worst of all Tax file number (TFN). (provider has been contacted at time of publishing) So far there has been 444 different databases dumped from sites and sub-domains mostly being education and government  based. A basic scan of these sites has shown that there is a heap of accounts leaks, over 17,700 have email and password combinations as well as many other user name and password combinations as well. See a full ContentChecker scan report of the first 413 files here. (more will be added later) After so many years away to come back like this is surely a way to make an effect. I have been told in a conversation i had with TeamGhostShell that they plan to leak data until they are caught

I’m staying up and leaking until I get v&, thats the plan anyway. 4 damn years and no party van? every hacktivist group got caught already

TeamGhostShell has also made an addition to their pastebin.com account with a paste titled “Dark Hacktivism – Information is everything” you can view that here, it’s actually a very long in-depth read that goes in to some of the details as to why the targets leaked and others are so vulnerable to such attacks so get a coffee ready. There is apparently much more data to come over the coming days/weeks so we now await the next load of data. If you happen to be a custom of any of the breached sites i advise you to contact them as soon as possible as well changing your passwords and if by chance you had reused your passwords elsewhere change them as well, until then keep safe. Screen cap of all 413 sites leaked at time of publishing. tgs1tgs2 Top Level Domains by count: edu: 108 com: 61 au: 41 tw: 39 cn: 30 pl: 21 ar: 13 br: 11 tr: 10 in: 9 pk: 8 net: 7 jp: 7 ve: 6 mx: 6 ng: 5 ua: 4 hk: 4 es: 4 my: 3 : 2 pe: 2 vn: 2 ph: 2 org: 2 eg: 2 ru: 2 it: 2 de: 2 sk: 2 nz: 1 bh: 1 bd: 1 ni: 1 sg: 1 gr: 1 kw: 1 dk: 1 ch: 1 cc: 1 ua’: 1 ed: 1 info: 1 lb: 1 se: 1 by: 1 co: 1 fr: 1 mk: 1 gh: 1 bo: 1 ir: 1 za: 1 ca: 1 np: 1 gov: 1 us: 1 jobs: 1 no: 1

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