TeaMp0isoN Hacks Syrian Military Accounts

TeaMp0isoN teamed up Anonymous earlier in the week to expose Syrian emails; out of that came an 80 MB dump by Phantom~, with help from AnonOps Sweden. Together they leaked the dump of Syrian Military and bank accounts at approximately 14:00 GMT today. Along with the following statement:

Last few days I was looking at whats happening in Syria,crimes,killing, and its all done by Syrian government,we need YOU people to open your eyes, and we need you to complain to your government about this,because,they,they are not preventing this,thats why this release is coming out,we will have govts, to look at what we,99% can do,nothing is secure anymore,theyr servers are compromised,we are using theyr tactics against them,we made them fear us, we made them notice shit that is done in theyr dark rooms,and all of their choices made that are destructive for this world. We will not stop untill each gov pays for their shit. They will be on their knees while we rise up and take control.

Phantom~ also said, "This release will come in parts just because its easier that way for me." The accounts were packed in a RAR file titled "l9.rar."

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