TeamPoison still active, attacks governments and corporations

TeamPoison has been busy, it seems, despite the arrest of one of their members. In a tweet on May 3, the group announced they had hacked the government of Australia:

In a statement preceding the data, the hackers write:


TeaMp0isoN is here with another release!

Here we present to you some nice delicious data of theAustralian Government ( dumped data. In this release there are email addresses, passwords for just about every important Australian Government agency/business associated with ( are against releasing of vuln. links.Thats what whitehats do.

Australian Gov. SystemAdmin Down.

rm -rf server/security

The data dump included over 550 agencies.

But the government of Australia has not been their only recent target. They also attacked, dumping over two dozen usernames and hashed passwords with the individuals’ email addresses or names. The World Health Organization was also attacked  (9 usernames, hashed passwords, and 7 email addresses), as were Ford Motor-related sites.

However, what I am really waiting to find out more about is this intriguing tweet:

Some of what they tweeted had been published back in November 2011, and it is not clear to me whether this is a new leak or previously known material. Certainly Elston hasn’t been with DOJ for years. So far, @TeamPoison_ has not replied to my inquiry as to whether they have recent/current email from DOJ. Time will tell, I guess.

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