Teen who ‘hacked homecoming votes’ to crown herself queen is suing police and her school

If you are charged criminally and don’t contest the charges and complete a  program that results in the charges being dropped, can you then turn around later and sue law enforcement for false arrest or anything?  I didn’t think you could. Paging lawyers to Aisle 4, please?

Earlier this month, Joe Smith reported;

A teenager who was arrested on suspicion of ‘hacking’ her high school’s election system in order to have herself crowned homecoming queen says she is going to sue her school and police department.

Emily Grover, 18, was apprehended in March 2021 along with her mother, a school vice principal, for allegedly hacking into private student records in order to cast hundreds of fake votes.

The Pensacola, Florida high school homecoming queen did not contest the charges and completed a supervised program, the completion of which saw them dropped

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