Tehran Water Company Hacked again, taken offline by yourikan

this-site-is-hacked-by-you-rA hacker using the handle yourikan has been in contact with us as well as many other media company’s over the past few days in relation to a bunch of Iranian based websites that have been attacked. The attacks have been carried out in the name of the continued fight to stop nuclear power and weapons in Iran with that common message being left across all the sites. The main website that was attack was the Tehran water company’s main site and news entries as well as other Iran based sites. tehran-water   Confirmed attacked sites which are offline now are https://ashayer.gov.ir https://www.tw.org.ir https://sama-saveh.ac.ir  This is also not the first time Tehran water website has been attacked with an attack being carried out by yourikan a few weeks ago on the same site and its also been defaced by others in the past to which suggests that administration is not patching or repairing the site but only restoring it back to a exploitable state.

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