Telecom Giant Orange Hacked, Data leaked by #NullCrew

Null crew have had a quite few weeks after they made headlines for some of the other recent attacks they had done. Today they have released data from an attack on one of France’s largest telecommunication companies, Orange (

Orange is a French multinationaltelecommunications corporation and represents the flagship brand of the France Telecom group. It is a global provider for mobile phone, landline, Internet, mobile internet, and IP television services, with 226 million customers[3] as of December 2011 and, under the brand Orange Business Services, is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies.

The leak was announced from the @OfficialNull twitter account with a message that more is coming later. >  Hacked:  #OpFreeAssange@YourAnonNews @Cyber_War_News@BreakTheSec @TheHackersNews@AnonOpsSweden Data will be dumped later, for now we have all tables, databases, and columns.

The 2nd part oif the attack was announced from NullCrew member @0rbit_g1rl >  data leak  @OfficialNull@YourAnonNews @Cyber_War_News #Orange, a massive ISP; in the last link, we gave you the tables, columns, and databases.# #Now, we’re giving you the only actual interesting data that came from the server. # #Enjoy, make sure you spam these govt and corp emails that were in the server as well! #

The first part of the leak only contains complete database information but the 2nd part contains only a few system accounts with user names, encrypted passwords and a further dump of the emails that are related to employees of orange. See that Orange is one of the biggest suppliers of Internet and phone deals in United kingdom its very shocking to see that this type of attack was possible, This just goes to show that nothing is ever secure no matter how big your company is a hacker will always find a way to get passed any security if there is some.

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