Telemarketing Company Leaks Nearly 400K Consumer Files

MacKeeper’s Security Research Center reports:

Researchers from the MacKeeper Security Research Center have made one of the biggest discoveries to date with several hundred thousand files publically available. The files belong to a controversial Florida based marketing company VICI Marketing LLC and include thousands of audio recordings where customers give their names, addresses, phone number, credit card numbers, CV numbers and more.

In 2009 VICI Marketing LLC agreed to pay $350,000 to settle a complaint by the Florida Attorney General’s Office that the firm obtained stolen consumer information and did not take proper steps to ensure data was acquired legitimately. Researchers have confirmed that despite the fine and penalties they have still not secured customer or company data and there is a date range of recordings going back several years. Under the agreement: If the terms of the injunction are violated, Vici could be subject to a $1 million civil penalty.

Read more on MacKeeper.

Dell Cameron provides additional coverage over on The Daily Dot.

Apart from potential issues with Florida, this is the type of thing the FTC might have looked into in terms of Section 5 enforcement, but with them down a few commissioners and everything in flux, would they?  Is there any indication of substantial injury or harm in this leak or is that a “What might have happened but didn’t” situation?

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