Tenet agrees to pay $32.5 million to settle 17 year-old privacy breach class-action lawsuit

There’s been a settlement in a breach-related lawsuit that many of us probably never heard of as the breach was more than 17 years ago.

Jim Mustian reports:

A hospital chain has agreed to pay up to $32.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed in 1997 after stacks of medical records sat unattended for days in the parking lot of a shuttered psychiatric center in Algiers.

An attorney for the plaintiffs acknowledged, however, that the chain, Tenet Healthcare, likely will end up owing far less than that ceiling of damages due to the age of the case and the difficulty of finding and notifying the 5,649 class members.

Read more on The Advocate, as Mustian does provide some of the background on the case.

So far, I’ve not turned up any news archives of the breach, but did stumble across another Tenet Healthcare breach reported back in January of this year that I seem to have missed. It involved the leak of thousands of employees’ names and Social Security numbers.

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