Tenet Health cyberattack, monthlong outage led to $100M in ‘unfavorable impact’

Jessica Davis reports:

The April “cybersecurity incident” that led to several weeks of downtime and service delays at Tenet Healthcare facilities caused $100 million in unfavorable impact. The hefty price tag was brought on by lost revenues from interruptions to business operations and remediation.

Tenet is one of the largest hospital care service providers in the U.S., operating 65 hospitals and more than 450 healthcare facilities through its subsidiaries and brand.

Its Q2 earnings report shows the cyberattack led to “significant adverse EBITDA [earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization] impact” and “contributed to same-hospital adjusted admissions,” which decreased 5.3% from the previous year.

Read more about their Q2 2022 report at SC Media keeping in mind that Tenet will be facing additional costs in the future.  Because Tenet has not been particularly forthcoming in its press release or disclosure to the public and to the media, the full extent of the attack is not really publicly known at this point.

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