Tennessee mailing error results in employees canceling insurance and scrambling to monitor their credit

AP reports:

The state of Tennessee is offering credit protection to nearly 2,000 employees who canceled their health or dental insurance after officials mailed out their personal information in October.

Each mailing included a certificate containing the information of the recipient and three other letters aimed at other members of the plan. State officials say 1,770 certificates were mailed to the wrong address.

Each included name, address, employee ID number, healthcare insurance coverage dates and Social Security number, which was not identified as such but appeared at the bottom of each certificate.

Read more from: Associated Press.

Last year, Tennessee disclosed that a mailing error had exposed 3,900 people’s information.

There doesn’t seem to be any other coverage online of this newer incident as of the time of this posting, so it’s not clear if this was a subcontractor’s breach or the state’s.

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