Tennessee: No evidence stolen personal information being used, BlueCross says

Andy Sher reports:

No identity theft or credit card fraud has been found stemming from the October theft of 57 computer hard drives containing BlueCross customers’ personal information, a company official told state lawmakers today.

“No sir,” Clay Phillips, BlueCross’ director and associate general counsel for state affairs, told Sen. Ken Yager, R-Harriman. “We monitor that daily.”

Mr. Phillips said the Chattanooga-based insurer has had a “couple” of notifications that members’ company-issued identification number were “exposed.” But he emphasized that BlueCross officials tracked the cases down and were able to “determine that none of it is the result of this exposure.”

BlueCross’ update to Senate State and Local Government Committee members is the latest action the company has taken following the theft of the computer hard drives from an abandoned BlueCross training center at the Eastgate Center in Chattanooga.

Read more in the Chattanooga Free Times Press.

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