Tens of Thousands of Infowars Accounts Hacked (UPDATED)

Joseph Cox reports:

Tens of thousands of subscriber accounts for media company Infowars are being traded in the digital underground.

Infowars, created by famed radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, produces radio, documentaries and written pieces. The dumped data relates to Prison Planet TV, which gives paying subscribers access to a variety of Infowars content. The data includes email addresses, usernames, and poorly hashed passwords.

The administrator of breach notification site Databases.Land provided a copy of 100,223 records to Motherboard for verification purposes. Vigilante.PW, another breach notification service, also has the Infowars dump listed on its site, and says the data comes from 2014. However, every record appears to have been included twice in the data, making the actual number of user accounts closer to 50,000.

Read more on Motherboard.

UPDATE: InfoWars claims this is an old hack from 2012 and that:

At the time of that breach, Infowars notified users, reset passwords and took numerous steps to harden our systems to prevent further attacks.

There seems to be a number of 2012  hacks being recycled these days or where I’m seeing old databases (if not outright fake databases) up for sale in various places. Everything old is new again or just some folks trying to rip off others by selling old data as new, or….?

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