Tens of thousands of medical records including treatment plans and cancer diagnoses were lost in the post

Jason Beattie reports a concerning follow-up to the NHS Shared Business Services breach reported previously.

Health chiefs are today slammed by MPs for their “staggering” failure to reassure patients after tens of thousands of clinical records were lost in the post.

MPs say patients have been “badly failed,” with many still being kept in the dark three years after NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) failed to deliver 700,000 medical notes.

The blunder by privately-run SBS between 2011 and 2016 relates to many types of medical documents, including treatment plans, blood and urine test results and cancer diagnoses.

The files did not reach the intended recipients because patients had either moved away or were not known showing up on practice records. Rather than redirect the documents, those in charge of their delivery mistakenly stored them in a warehouse.

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