Tesla Model X Has Flaw Allowing It to Be Hacked and Stolen

Well, now that this story has been picked up by Car and Driver, expect a lot more attention to be paid to this by both white hats and not-so-white hats. Roberto Baldwin reports:

Automakers work hard to reduce the possibility that hackers can steal their cars. But, it’s an ongoing battle between the people who make the systems in vehicles and those who want to exploit them. Fortunately for Tesla, the latest pair of unintended flaws—known to computer types as “exploits”—were found by a security researcher happy to share his findings, not a group of car thieves with a taste for falcon-winged EVs.

Wired reported about the security researcher, Lennert Wouters from KU Leuven university in Belgium. He discovered a pair of vulnerabilities that allow the researcher to not only get into a Model X, but also start it and drive away.

Read more on Car and Driver.

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