Tesla notifies employees of data breach

Barret Loux reports:

Tesla has started notifying current and former employees who were affected by a data breach that occurred in May. The company conducted an investigation and found that two former employees had misappropriated confidential information in violation of Tesla’s IT security and data protection policies. As a result, Tesla has filed lawsuits against the former employees and has seized their electronic devices containing the stolen information.

To prevent further use or dissemination of the data, Tesla has obtained court orders prohibiting the former employees from accessing or sharing the information, subject to criminal penalties. Additionally, Tesla discovered that the two former employees had shared the stolen data with a German newspaper, Handelsblatt. However, Handelsblatt assured Tesla that they will not publish the information and are legally prohibited from using it inappropriately.

Read more at Clayton County Register.  Tesla’s data privacy officer has reported the May incident to the Maine Attorney General’s Office as affecting 75,735 employees.

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