Texas Air Force Base investigating how patient records wound up in former service member's home (updated)

Stacy Johnson reports:

Sheppard Air Force Base’s 82nd Medical Group is looking into a possible breach of patient privacy after a man brought in several medical records dating from 2003 to 2007 that he found in his estranged wife’s closet on April 17.

James Haynes, who lives in Boyd, said he and his wife are going through a divorce, and on his lawyer’s recommendation, he was searching his house last week for important documents.

“I’m not really sure how they (the records) wound up in my house,” Haynes said. “I am going through a divorce, and my lawyer said to go home and get any records that I would need. And me and a buddy were going through the closets, and he found a dress uniform bag that he unzipped, and there were medical records stacked in the bag.”

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The breach might simply be a case of someone taking work home with them and never bringing it back without any intended misuse, but it’s still a breach and the military has shown itself to be very diligent in investigating breaches and notifying affected individuals.

Update 4-25:  721 patients may be affected. The partial records included their Social Security numbers and diagnoses.

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