Thailand’s THE ICON GROUP hacked by DESORDEN

DESORDEN Group’s attacks on ASEAN businesses continue. This week, they disclosed a hack of The Icon Group in Thailand.


In a statement on a popular hacking forum, DESORDEN writes:

This data breach involved 161 GB of databases and files, including personal information of 264,128 customers, with their full name, ID card number, bank account number, address, phone, email, etc, along with KYC images of their customers such as ID card copy, bank book copy and KYC docs. In addition, we have also stolen their company corporate and financial data.

As is their usual practice, DESORDEN provided samples from various .csv files, but they also leaked some KYC image files.

Know Your Client (KYC) image files showed individuals’ faces and photocopies of identity information about the individual. Redacted by

When asked, DESORDEN informed DataBreaches that they did not have KYC images for all 264,000 customers but estimated they had about 70,000 such sets.  According to them, The Icon Group did not respond to any of their communications.

DataBreaches sent an email inquiry to The Icon Group, asking for their comments on DESORDEN’s claims and whether they were notifying any regulator or customers whose personal information had been accessed or acquired. No reply has been received.

DESORDEN claims that they have had access to The Icon Group since approximately July and still have access to it. If they still have access, customers, employees, and regulators may want an explanation from the firm as to what they did when they first discovered a breach.

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