That Radiology Regional Center vendor’s breach potentially affected almost half a million patients

When Radiology Regional Center in Florida disclosed that paper records had been lost or fallen off the truck of its vendor, Lee County Solid Waste Division, they reported that they believed that they had retrieved all the records, but they were notifying all potentially affected individuals:

Radiology Regional Center has advised potentially impacted patients to (1) place a 90 day fraud alert on their credit file, (2) review a free copy of their credit report, and (3) review their explanation of benefits statements.  Radiology Regional Center is also offering potentially affected patients with complimentary credit monitoring services.

It turns out that the center reported the incident to HHS as potentially affecting 483,063 patients.

That could be a costly offer of free credit monitoring services, but I suppose it had to be done under the circumstances.

I wonder if their vendor is picking up that tab.

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