The Bank of England reminds us why it is important to check recipients before sending an email

Steve Myers gives us a winner for email gaffe of the month:

The Bank of England has been the latest victim of the internet.

Well, no. They’re not a victim of the internet as much as they are a victim of their own human error, but read on….

They have taught all of us a very important lesson as far as email etiquette is concerned. Whenever you are sending an email, you need to ensure you are sending it to the correct person. And don’t forget to double check just before hitting send.

This issue was created when the bank accidentally sent an email to the Guardian which contained vital information on a project wherein the financial implications of the U.K. parting from the European Union were discussed. This email was supposed to be sent out to 4 senior executives from the bank and eve(n) contained plans on how the bank was going to avoid any questions from the press.

So basically, if you are thinking up of something and want to keep the media out of it then you need to ensure you don’t send them an email about it.

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