The best laid plans, derailed by DDoS

So I had planned to spend some time this weekend working on a post about why I think Rogers was incorrect when they claimed “no personal data” was acquired by TeamHans in a recent hack reported on this site.

My plans were derailed a few days ago when my sites were suddenly no longer reachable. It turned out that they were under really heavy DDoS attack, and my web host had null-routed the sites as other customers’ sites were also being imperiled by the amount of malicious traffic hitting my sites.

Following up on their advice, I signed up for a CloudFlare account to protect the sites and then moved the sites to a new IP address that would be shielded by CloudFlare.

It shouldn’t have been that difficult to accomplish, but nothing worked, and if you visited this site over the past few days, you probably saw the “bad gateway” error messages.

Knowing my own limitations, I assumed I had done something wrong in my configurations.

I hadn’t, and the problems were nothing the average user could resolve by themselves.

My sites are still under heavy attack, and you may experience short delays connecting to the sites or other inconveniences. If the attacks increase, then even with the added layers, the sites may disappear again for a while.

For all the inconveniences you have experienced and may experience in the foreseeable future, I apologize, but without the added layers right now, you probably couldn’t access the sites at all.

Great thanks to “Michael” who stayed up late last night, determined to figure out the problems and what to do to get my sites back online. I never could have brought the sites back online without his help.



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  1. JJ - March 8, 2015

    The only people I can think of who would DDoS your site are the so-called “victims” whose dirty laundry you keep airing. 🙂

    File it under “No good deed goes unpunished.”

    • Dissent - March 8, 2015

      Heh, yeah. At first I thought it might just be random bot-stuff, but after the IP was changed and shielded and they were still going after the sites heavily, I concluded this was targeted.

      I’m sure this is nothing compared to what Brian Krebs goes through, but then, I don’t have his resources to fight this stuff off, either.

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