The Daily Mail did what U.S. media didn’t do: FOI the U.S. Education Department for Insider Breaches

From the good-for-them dept.:

The Daily Mail in the U.K. filed a Freedom of Information request with the U.S. Education Department and obtained over 100 pages of responsive documents to their request for records relating to employee misuse of department computers. They have made the entire file available on their site.

Note that this is not the first time we’ve learned of insider breaches, as the following articles that appeared on this site in the past suggest:

September 2010: Two Sentenced for Accessing President’s Student Loan Records

December 2010: Illinois Woman Pleads Guilty to Illegally Accessing Confidential Student Loan Files

October 2012:”Reports of Another Education Department Data Breach

That said, I look forward to wading through the files. You can read the Daily Mail’s coverage of what they found here.

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