The ‘Dox’ of More than 2,300 Government Employees by CWA Might Be Worse Than We Thought

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bichhierai  reports that hackers who call themselves CWA (“Crackas With Attitude”) may have done more damage to the FBI than even they realized when they dumped information last night:

On Thursday, the teenage hackers who broke into the CIA director’s personal AOL email account struck again, releasing a list of almost 2,400 names, emails and phone numbers that appear to belong to members of federal and local law enforcement, intelligence and even military agencies.

As it turns out, the data dump (link to tweet deleted by, as well as the hack that allowed them to obtain the data, might be far worse than initially thought. The list contains not only names of local police officers, but also names of FBI, Secret Service, CIA and other intelligence agents.

Some of these might even inadvertently have had their cover exposed, according to Michael Adams, an information security expert who served more than two decades in the US Special Operations Command, who reviewed the data for Motherboard.

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