The FBI tried in vain: The Russian case against REvil turned out to be insignificant

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The FBI tried in vain

As it became known to “Kommersant”, the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation completed the investigation of the criminal case of the so-called international group of hackers REvil, information about which was provided to Russia by the FBI. According to its results, the investigation was able to accuse eight alleged intruders of only two remote thefts of funds, and even then committed in the United States by who knows where and for what amount: there are no victims, as well as damage, in the criminal case. Lawyers for the defendants say that two weeks would be enough for them to study the materials, but the procedure seems to be delayed.

According to a Kommersant source close to the investigation, the police have completed the investigation of the “REvil case”. In the final version, all the defendants in this case were charged with 24 episodes of “manufacturing and selling counterfeit credit or payment cards” (Article 187 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and the alleged leader of the group – a resident of St. Petersburg Daniil Puzyrevsky – was also charged under Art. 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for responsibility for “creating or using computer programs to destroy or block computer information, as well as neutralizing its means of protection.” One of the programs installed in the laptops of St. Petersburg residents, the examination appointed by the investigation recognized as malicious.


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