The Fights within a Cyber war

I would like to start with saying Although this article may mention Anonymous and or LulzSec it is not directed directly at them, This is a statement about all hackers and the overall cyber war, this is our view on the inner cyber war the normal media doesn’t report on. Recently we have seen the damage done by Anonymous and LulzSec and a bunch of other hackers. Generally when it comes to hackers, they work along, its a every man for its self type of game. In saying this there has been a lot more public dox’in, owning, and hacking between hackers. As many think this is not just white hats vs black hats, its white hats vs black hats, black hats vs black hats, and probably in extreme case’s white hats vs whitehats so its all over the place. If you want to play in a hacking game i guess it is expected to be hacked, exposed or played with at least once in you’re hacking spree’s. Now i will get this cleared up before i go any further, This hackers aren’t just kids as most people assume, They are every day normal citizens, they are computer engineers, they are army officers ( off duty of coarse ), they come from a wide range of backgrounds, And I’m not only talking about Anonymous hackers, I’m talking about all hackers, They can be anyone from anywhere… One of the most common claims to the hacker rival world is to dox some one, leaking personal information in hope that it will make the target go into hiding or to feel shamed or in extreme case’s get arrested. Another common move is to expose server information or DDoS the server offline. All this and much more can start from pretty much nothing, from a misleading or badly written tweet to claims of others using pre made tools like havij to do hacking to claims of being fake. You see a lot of this over twitter and on hacking forums where it normally picks up from one person releasing something another hacker doesn’t agree with, so the other hacker takes action and it starts a doxing war between hackers/groups. Now this isn’t anywhere near a new trend, its just that we now see more hackers coming out from the Worlds of private IRC channels to mingle with others on social networks, Networks like twitter play a vital role in today’s communication and its no surprise that hackers are taking advantage of this free market to get their word/name out there. So does it really help win the fight releasing documents on other hackers? or attacking other hackers? are they even in it for a win? its hard to say. From my perspective, and by no means do not take this serious, i think its part of the game, its part of a hackers daily life, penetrating and leaking information, defacing websites and doxing other hackers. Now with Anonymous and very much more so LulzSec u get a lot of haters coming out, that disagree with what they do or say, now this would be expected, you must remember that when a whitehat says they are a whitehat, they most likely pose high skills and use them for good, good being within the law. Now u see bigger groups and more well known groups like the anons and lulzsec do not really fight back, they may release docs every so often, but it would seem they do not use any other means besides words.


We received a lot of information on hackers from other hackers leaking documents, in fact its almost a daily thing. How ever since this is pretty much un-confirmable without exposing the identity of hackers we do not venture down this track. Just to make it firm we are not here to Help or support single person or group, We report on Cyber War in a real sense, which may mean getting in contact with some of these hackers to get confirmation of information, We have no ties to them beyond this.

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