The Hacking Team Defectors

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bichhierai has a good piece about members of the Hacking Team who left, and what happened afterwards. Here’s a teaser from it:

His name is Alberto Pelliccione. Until last year, he was the man responsible for developing Hacking Team’s Android spyware, and one of the employees who had worked on the company’s marquee product, the surveillance suite known as Remote Control System or RCS, since its early days.

In February of last year, Pelliccione resigned. Since then, the company’s top brass, particularly the CEO David Vincenzetti, has gone after him for leaving, and later sued him for allegedly using Hacking Team’s code to create an antidote to the company’s spyware, a defensive system called ReaQta.

Now, after a mysterious hacker only known as PhineasFisher breached the company in July, exposing its most guarded secrets, such as internal emails, list of clients, and even the spyware’s source code, Pelliccione was fingered by Vincenzetti as a potential suspect.

But he’s not the only one who’s faced the wrath of his old company.

Read it all on Motherboard.

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