The man hacking India’s rich and powerful talks motives, music, drugs and next targets

Max Bearak reports:

Somewhere in India, a young man is sitting in a room, parked in front of his computer, smoking copious amounts of marijuana and causing great embarrassment to some of the country’s biggest movers and shakers.

He and a group of others — who he claims number in the “higher single digits” and are based around the world — go by the name Legion. Over the past two weeks, they have hacked into four high-profile Twitter accounts, commandeering them as vehicles to release the account owners’ personal telephone numbers, bank account details and email passwords. Their first target was Rahul Gandhi, the heir to the Congress party, which has held power in India for much of its post-colonial history. Next was Vijay Mallya, the embattled former chairman of India’s biggest liquor company, who fled to Britain in March amid allegations of financial fraud and money laundering.

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