The Public whip hacked, 90,000 Credentials Leaked

logo A non-profit group website that supplies information regarding politics in United kingdom has been hacked and breached. The website is The Public Whip ( which is funded by BairWell LTD, ( The website offers information regarding local MP’s, Lords, Polices and information. The attack was announced by DarkWebGoons hacker @irBreShiE on twitter. > 80K User Details #Leaked by #DWG from @thehackersnews @hackread @cyber_war_news@darkwebgoons — BreShiE (@irBreShiE) January 25, 2013

The leaked data has been uploaded to a Dark Web goons data host in the format of a txt file. that contains basic attack and server information as well as 2 databases. One of the databases contains site users and information and the other is a phpbb user table. All together over 90,000 accounts have been found but only 80,271 have emails and full credentials without being duplicated. The credentials range from usernames, passwords, emails and ID’s. All passwords appear to be encrypted. All accounts have been archived by, use the search feature if you fer your account has been compromised.

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