The Scariest Data Breach So Far This Year

Ward PLLC begins their article:

I could do a blog exclusively on data breaches because they happen so frequently that I’d never run out of material.

Wait. Isn’t that what I already do?  Okay, let’s continue…

On April 19th, the Supreme Court of India’s website was hacked, apparently by “HighTech Brazil Hackteam.” I imagine that they’re either a group of highly motivated lawyers or, given their logo, a group of very high teenagers. Of course, hacking a website isn’t the same thing as accessing confidential or private data, and it’s unlikely that the Indian Supreme Court has vital data on its site.

Read more on JDSupra to find out what they pick as the scariest breach of 2018 so far. Spoiler alert: it’s a breach I noted but never made a big deal about. Find out why they think it is a big deal – or could be.

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