The Securosis 2010 Data Security Survey

Over the summer we initiated what turned out to be a pretty darn big data security survey. The primary goal of the survey was to assess what data security controls people find most effective, as well as get a better understanding of how they are using the controls, what’s driving adoption, and a bit on what kinds of incidents they are experiencing.


Due to an error on my part we can’t release the full report here at Securosis for 30 days, but it is available from our sponsor, Imperva, who is also re-posting the survey so those of you who haven’t taken it yet run through the questions and compare yourselves to the rest of the responses. We will also be releasing the full (anonymized) raw data so you can perform your own analysis.

One of the key findings:

46% of participants reported about the same number of security incidents in the most recent 12 months compared to the previous 12, with 27% reporting fewer incidents, and only 12% reporting a relative increase.

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