The State of Computer Security in the UK

eSecurity Planet reports:

British security consulting firm 7Safe and the University of Bedfordshire have released the UK Security Breach Investigations Report 2010, which looks at the current state of computer security in the UK through an analysis of actual data breaches.

Key findings include the fact that 69 percent of data compromises occurred in the retail sector, 85 percent of cases resulted in stolen payment card information, and SQL injection was used in 60 percent of attacks.

The methodology is based on actual incidents investigated by 7Safe:

This work analyses 62 genuine cases of breaches investigated over a period of 18 months. These investigations have been conducted by the digital forensics team at 7Safe. The breaches vary in many ways, including the sector they belong to, the number of records at risk and the sophistication of the attack. This report presents statistics on the investigations and discusses the data to provide a greater understanding of underlying trends.

The free report can be accessed  here.

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