The Untold Story of the Boldest Supply-Chain Hack Ever

Kim Zetter has a fascinating piece on the run-up to the SolarWinds attack. Here’s a snippet:

In fact, the Justice Department and Volexity had stumbled onto one of the most sophisticated cyberespionage campaigns of the decade. The perpetrators had indeed hacked SolarWinds’ software. Using techniques that investigators had never seen before, the hackers gained access to thousands of the company’s customers. Among the infected were at least eight other federal agencies, including the US Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the Treasury Department, as well as top tech and security firms, including Intel, Cisco, and Palo Alto Networks—though none of them knew it yet. Even Microsoft and Mandiant were on the victims list.

Grab your favorite beverage and settle down to read this piece at WIRED.

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