Jan 122009

Bob Evans reports:

The World Bank (annual IT budget about $250 million) has been hit by a range of data breaches, at least one of which involved info belonging to staffers. So a corporate guy overseeing IT has sent a flaccid memo to the whole organization. Take a look at the memo and ask yourself if it will make World Bank employees feel better — or want to quit.


While scrutinizing this memo is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, the memo’s language and the thinking expressed by that language deserves to be shot. World-class CIOs achieve their positions by being accountable, by being responsible, by being high achievers, and by being open, fair, and honest communicators. This memo aims for none of that, and serves as a model for the type of communication business executives should strive to avoid.

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N.B. As previously reported on PogoWasRight.org, World Bank sent a notification letter to those affected on December 2nd.

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