thedarkoverlord dumps data from Peachtree Orthopedics after failed extortion attempts

Just another day on the internet, where hackers are hacking and leakers are leaking and thedarkoverlord is dumping PHI data from american based companies yet again.

The associated with this partial leak of data is not anything new, had reported on this a back in august and now thedarkoverlord has partially come public with some of the information stolen from Peachtree Orthopedics and so far its not looking to good for them, nor for thedarkoverlord who keeps attempting to extort companies.

As normal the leak was announced from their twitter account and posted to pastebin which contained a link to partial internal documents on mega.

Data that was uploaded to mega was in a zip format named and totals 19.8mb, when uncompressed this expands to 27.7mb and contains 60 files in the formats of xls, pdf, msg and some of the XLS go back to content creation of 2010 but most of it seems more from 2014/2015.

One of the files in the leak contains clear text credentials and links for them to be used for 41 different third party services that Peachtree staff appear to use.

Break down of files:

shared clear text passwords, pins, usernames and links to third party services totaling 41 different services, patient reports, 2015 tax return for individual, american board of Orthopedics surgery, receipt for a thinkpad yoga, Medicaid Credentialing with pin and link, w9 form, copy of a drivers license, resumes, donation of leave time certifications.

In the paste announcement, thedarkoverlord makes note that they have found some FBI agents within the obtained patient data which they claims tops 543,879 records of PHI and PII information.

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