Jun 292016

One of the other up-for-sale health databases that DataBreaches.net reported on on Sunday was a facility in Farmington, Missouri. It was described as a “Healthcare Database (48,000 Patients) from Farmington, Missouri, United States.”

Yesterday, after investigating the sample and other information, DataBreaches.net reached out to the Midwest Orthopedic Pain & Spine clinic owned by Dr. Scott Van Ness, asking them to confirm that they were the breached entity. I received no response.

But now TheDarkOverlord has confirmed that they they are the breached entity. In a public paste, they write, “Scott A. Vanness owns the clinics that service these 499 patients. Midwest clinic groups in Farmington, MO.”

So it’s that group of clinics, as DataBreaches.net had suspected.

DataBreaches.net is not linking to the exposed patient data, but has sent another inquiry to the clinic, notifying them of the leaked data and asking for a statement.

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