@ThEhAcKeR12 leaks 12000 accounts and hacks chennaitrafficpolice.in

@ThEhAcKeR12 has been busy recently with a fair few hacks and leaks, ranging from a police traffic website to 12000 accounts from www.indivbe.com, all the leaks contain user information, emails, logins, passwords etc.. Chennai Traffic Police website https://www.chennaitrafficpolice.in/ https://pastebin.com/DM9RjUFY Data Base of Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons https://www.acls.in/ https://pastebin.com/6jBFJtvC Kongu Polytechnic College www.kongupolytechnic.ac.in https://pastebin.com/r7DKBz15 Maulana Azad Institute of Dental College, New Delhi https://pastebin.com/MCgS62rk Stock Broking company got bulled. https://www.bullshouse.com/ https://pastebin.com/KW57b4Wn And last of all 12000 accounts from indivbe.com, a famous social websites in India. this comes in 3 parts and is huge. https://pastebin.com/BDQznvYY https://pastebin.com/Hc0Wuf6J https://pastebin.com/vSbyFuEc So this brings the weekend to a end? or does it…. @ThEhAcKeR12 website : https://www.thehacker12.blogspot.com/

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