Thielen Student Health Center accidentally leaks patient names, appointment dates

Kaitlyn Hood reports:

Thielen Student Health Center (TSHC) experienced a data leak where inadvertently disclosed student information could be seen.

Erin Baldwin, director of Thielen Student Health Center said on Nov. 5 the TSHC experienced a breach in their system when a coding error occurred as they put student information into a system to be sent out as patient satisfaction survey.

Read more on Iowa State Daily.
I found the report a bit confusing (maybe I was caffeine-deprived while reading it), so I contacted the health center to ask for clarification. It seems that the center e-mails survey invitations and they personalize the invitation, e.g., “Hi Dissent, Please tell us about your recent appointment with Dr. Doe.”  As a result of the coding error, patients who opened the invitation e-mail might have seen another patient’s name and the other patient’s doctor’s name.

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