Third of US data breaches happen in hospitals

Anthony Spadafora reports:

After a recent series of aggressive phishing attacks on NHSmail, cyber security provider Cofense has compiled a new report using shared US client data to reveal how much of a danger future phishing attacks could become in the UK.

The report, entitled Say Ah: A Closer Look at Phishing in the Healthcare Industry, compares the resilience of the healthcare sector to phishing attacks with other industries monitored by the software provider.

Resilience is the ratio between users who report a phishing attack versus those that fall susceptible.

Over the past three years, the healthcare industry in the US’ resilience rate has improved from 1.05 in 2015 to 1.49 in 2018. Despite these small improvements, healthcare still has the lowest resilience rate when compared to other industries with energy at 4.01, financial services at 2.52 and legal services at 2.50.


Note: this study first appeared in September. The HIPAA Guide provides a useful summary of some of the key findings:

The susceptibility percentage across all industries was 11.9% while the resiliency rate was 1.79. For the healthcare industry, the susceptibility percentage was 12.4% while the resiliency rate was 1.34. The resiliency rate for the insurance industry and energy sector were 3.03 and 4.01, respectively.

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