This time, students’ records left behind

Barb Ickes writes:

The 6-year-old’s psychological assessment is marked “confidential,” yet, there it is in my inbox.

I didn’t read it. Finding it in my email felt wrong enough.

But I understand what Jim Ziebell was doing. He was offering an example of the records that were left behind at a former school in Lost Nation, Iowa. He was proving the records are of a sensitive nature and could have ominous consequences if disclosed.

Ziebell bought the school in 2016 from the late Joe Seng — an Iowa state senator and well-known Davenport veterinarian who died later that year. Seng bought it from the Midland School District, which closed it in 2012, according to real estate records. For whatever reason, the school evidently became a collection point for student records from throughout the Midland district. Ziebell said he has birth certificates, Social Security numbers and “everything else” for about 100 students.

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