This Week In Palestine hacked and 4000 Accounts leaked by AlienZ

content/images/gallery/random3/alienza.png AlienZ, who has hacked a few things this week and released a bit of data has now gone and hacked a Palestine website and left a message stating they are "We are AlienZ. We are Israel’s cyber army.". This shows that more and more hackers are coming out every day and joining all sides to continue this cyber war, 2012 will end up being known for it. The target is which is a information site for Palestine about what’s going on around the place. Message in the leak

Hey again. We have hacked and we are now publishing all the accounts. There is no such thing as palestine. It doesn’t, never will and never has existed. We are AlienZ. We are Israel’s cyber army.

The leaks total around about 4000 with very few duplicates and all have encrypted passwords and emails. part one contains 1100 accounts part two contains 924 accounts part three contains part four contains Also in the release is a message to the FBI about the megaupload problems warning them that they will soon join if it continues how it is.

We also have a message for America: Why the FUCK did you remove MegaUpload? You are inviting all the hackers in the world to attack you. FBI that was a stupid move. We will not attack American sites (yet) since they are already being attacked by hundreds of hackers, but if this goes on we will join the attack.

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