Those annoying sextortion scams are redirecting users to GandCrab ransomware now

Okay, I tend to laugh at the sextortion emails and have tweeted or posted some of them at times, usually after I check the referenced BTC wallet to see if anyone actually fell for the scam and paid.  But Catalin Cimpanu reports on a new – and important – development:

This past week, users in the United States have been bombarded by an email spam campaign that pushed a double-whammy of a sextortion attempt combined with a possible ransomware infection.


Security researchers at Proofpoint have told ZDNet that they’ve seen a variation of a sextortion scam campaign that included a link at the bottom of the blackmail message [in full here].

The scammers claimed to have a video of the user pleasuring himself while visiting adult sites, and they urged the user to access the link and see for himself. But Proofpoint says that instead of a video, users received a ZIP file with a set of malicious files inside.

Read more on ZDNet.

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