Thousands of patient records held for ransom in Ontario home care data breach, attackers claim

Matthew Braga, Lori Ward, Andrew Culbert report:

The detailed medical histories and contact information of possibly tens of thousands of home-care patients in Ontario are allegedly being held for ransom by thieves who recently raided the computer systems of a health-care provider.

CarePartners, which provides home medical care services on behalf of the Ontario government, announced last month that it had been breached. It said only that personal health and financial information of patients had been “inappropriately accessed,” and did not elaborate further.

However, a group claiming responsibility for the breach recently contacted CBC News and provided a sample of the data it claims to have accessed, shedding new light on the extent of the breach.

The sample includes thousands of patient medical records with phone numbers and addresses, dates of birth, and health card numbers, as well as detailed medical histories including past conditions, diagnoses, surgical procedures, care plans and medications for patients across the province.

Read more on CBC.  From what they reporters have included, the attacker’s MO and writing seem familiar to me.

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