Thousands of Psychiatrist’s Patient Records Stored in Basement of House He Rented Out

Phil Rogers, Katy Smyser and Alexis Positano report that a tenant renting a house from a psychiatrist has repeatedly reported that there are now thousands of patients’ files being stored, inadequately secured, in the basement – but no one seems to be doing anything about it – including HHS.

According to the reporters:

Through his attorney, the psychiatrist, Dr. Riaz Baber, sent a written statement to NBC5 Investigates:

“The home has been leased to Ms. Nevins [sic] for approximately 4 years. The basement area where the medical records have been stored should have remained locked, and the Babers have never granted access to the basement to Ms. Nevins [sic]. [Baber’s wife] Freeda Baber has no knowledge of anyone accessing the basement storage area since she accompanied a workman to clean the furnace in approximately August of 2016. There are two entryways to the basement area. One door is an exterior entrance from the outside and the other door is in an interior entrance from inside the home. Both of these doors are locked, and the Babers have never provided a key to Ms. Nevins [sic].”

Jarvis-Neavins disputes that, saying the doctor’s wife gave her a key and asked her to personally escort various workers downstairs, and that it was understood from the beginning that the basement was part of her rental agreement.

Read more on NBC Chicago.

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