Thousands of ‘Subcontractors’ May Soon Have to Comply With HIPAA

AIS’s Health Business Daily has reprinted an article from REPORT ON PATIENT PRIVACY that talks about the expansion of mandates to subcontractors:

Perhaps the biggest surprise in HHS’s July 14 proposed rulemaking was a concept that went beyond language contained in the HITECH Act, namely the appearance of the term “subcontractors” in the list of organizations that would have to comply with the same privacy and security regulations as business associates.

“This will have a huge impact because it means that there are many, many people who have to comply with the HIPAA rules who didn’t have to before,” Kristen Rosati, a partner with Coppersmith Schermer & Brockelman PLC in Phoenix, tells RPP. “It really vastly expands the universe of organizations that have to comply with these regulations.”


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