Threat actors pose as pharmacists, get business associates to send them patient records

Harbor Health in Massachusetts has notified at least one patient whose data was compromised by an attack on ScansStat Technologies.

According to a December 13 letter from Jesse A. Shipley, HHSI’s Director of Compliance & Risk Management, on November 12, ScansStat Technologies informed them that bad actors posing as pharmacies had managed to get ScansStat to send them patient information. ScanSTAT assists Harbor Health with medical records filing and request processing.

Harbor Health’s letter, a copy of which was provided to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, does not explain exactly how the bad actors accomplished this deception,

The information included the patient’s name, date of birth, medical record number, address, phone number, medication list, allergies, problem list, medical history, recent progress notes, and visit summaries.

This is not the first time Harbor Health reported a breach in 2021 linked to a vendor breach.  In April, they reported a breach impacting 901 patients in Massachusetts. That breach involved a ransomware attack at PeakTPA. PeakTPA provided administrative services related to claims payment. sent an email inquiry to Harbor Health’s compliance director yesterday asking how the threat actor(s) were able to trick employees into providing PHI to them. The email also asked what changes, if any, Harbor Health was making in its security auditing or involvement with third-party vendors or business associates. No reply has been received by the time of this publication.


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